Cinematic Urban Art

We offer a video clip package focused on creating content with urban nuances and related to hip-hop culture.

Create the perfect audiovisual content for your artist career, along with the delivery of complete productions
(Mix and Master)

Photography Sessions

Our photography service, to create and/or strengthen your digital presence, is aimed at artists, brands and events.

Studio Projects

Creative Freedom

Experience our captivating cinematographic projects that capture the essence of urban life.
We seek to exploit the greatest potential of your ideas and turn them into reality

Artistic Expressions

We propose an artistic direction to connect the artist with his audience: clothing, poses, accessories, etc.

Assisted Monitoring

We work around Canada with studies such as: Maison de Film, Toronto Photo Video Studio

We have a team in charge of monitoring (for focusing purposes, remote movements, among others.) so that the user can know what the result will be like in real time.

Collaborative Ventures


QUATRO, Audio Producer

Ataraxia, Cameraman

With more than 4 years of experience, I stand out for quality in my productions and customer service.
My vision is to create spaces for the development of artists in Latin hip hop.

My work is the direction and production of content for social events, music videos and commercial brands.
I always seek to teach something beyond what we see

Meet the artists that make up our great work team

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