Sergio González better known as “Quatro” is a 26-year-old independent artist and producer originally from Tepic Nayarit Mexico.

He began his artistic career as a writer and rapper, but over time he discovered his true passion; musical production. With just over 4 years of experience, he is characterized by the customer service he is able to provide, and the quality of musical productions.
He ah he worked with more than 50 artists of different nationalities. Throughout his career he has helped the development of the Latin hip hop movement in the city of Vancouver.

His vision/mission is to be able to create and develop more spaces so that artists can develop and reach their maximum potential.


I am Dylan Arbieto, also known as Ataraxia artistically, a young videographer passionate about the world of lenses, raised in Lima, Peru.
I love showing things in ways that we usually don't see without losing the notion that they reflect the reality of what is portrayed.
I started this project as a skills summary on behalf of a hiphop group/collective.